INTRODUCTORY examples called   quiver strings   demonstrate particle mass calculations with properties of inflation, deflation, expansion, contraction in masses and energies.


The term 'undercurrent' replaces cosmology in that the undercurrent contains principles which manifest properties in engineering blueprints which are absolute. Coherent energy constructions co-exist with mass cosmologies and the mass particles of chromodymanics subatomic experiments, which cannot occur without energy particles in between the masses.

Bullseye.htm and Perseus.htm are disclosure documents.
Cosmic.htm is a teaching document.

Any identical image pairs side by side are stereo. Go crosseyed merging
both images together by eyesight to see 3D. You will not loose
learning if cross eyed is not possible for you.

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Saturn orbit and eccentricity is an inflation by (10 to power 27) - from Pion particles, and 2 Upsilon (1s) mesons - recurrent inflation plateaus - compton wavelengths (Z Y Z axis spheres in 3 dimensions), to solar circle orbits (X Y axis disks in 2 dimensions).

Compton world 3 axis spheres, inflate to Solar world 2 axis disks. This is a fundamental symmetry transformation, occurring in inflation in the undercurrent of Reality.

OCTUPLET AND DECUPLET (SU3) - by one controller constant, and root derivatives channelling the routes.


VECTOR BIASED PROPELLORS - which contain the fluid of 1 unit of particle charge - compton wavelengths - compton cross sections - boson cross sections - quarks

PROPELLOR MODEL FOR GRAVITY - a result, not a cause - masses - space accelaration - properties - distance - entanglement - bohr model (atomic vrs solar)

PROPELLOR MODEL FOR ELECTRON - twisting - sound and charge - appearance - bohr model (atomic vrs solar)

THREE-BODY PROPELLORS - eclipses at compton sphere pinches, solar version




Doppler gravitic wave vibrations surrounding galaxies by rotation on axis, and the galaxy's vector direction plowing through deep space. waves are visible in deep space, at galaxies M31, M101, and at the Perseus galaxy cluster.


Newsonic research experiments for 5 years which determined sound propigates in hexagram multi sided resonances based in the same geometry which constructs snowflakes. photo galleries show hand made devices used in critical experiments and results.


Spectrum math techniques, perfect eclipses, interface between special and gravitational relativity which derives an acccurate mass fr the Sun and certain planet are constants in recombinant sums, golden harmonics lineal power sum ratios, snowflakes cum sound resonances cum doppler sonics, which include tympanic cavity and cavity ghost hexagrams visible in astronomy images. Prefect Eclipse history is simple: A Sun in Venus orbit is eclipsed by an Earth in Moon orbit was known in [1968] and drawn on a living room wall which facinated occulties but meant nothing to scientists, with visitors streaming by to this small house for weeks to see the drawing, making the drawer famous in an underground way.


Particles masses by simplistic polynomial math, strings linking particles through power multiples and expansions, plateau states linked by universal power ratio, earth orbit and moon orbit linked by proportionate (fsc) ratios, solar orbits and compton wavelengths linked by the universal power ratio.


1st   - gravity waves in excited moire gravitics due to galaxy rotation pulling away, and moving toward, energized surrounding deep space.

2nd   - gravity wave resonances due to powerfull sonic inducing percussion impacts and long term gravity renormalizing finalizing their shapes.

3rd   - galaxy arms parallel in three lineal repeats.

See 'astronomy division' below

Wavespace innuendo - image by Glen Sheriton, Ottawa Canada. Reality is made of vibrations.


ASTRONOMY DIVISION ================== BULLSEYE.HTM - visible gravity waves surround Andromeda - the waves in a giant verticle leaf-shaped bullseye M101WAVE.HTM - visible gravity waves surround giant dim spiral galaxy M101 PERSEUS.HTM - visible gravity waves in an oval race track in the perseus galaxy cluster have many small galaxies channelled along ridges and in valleys of the waves COSMIC.HTM - galaxy engineering principles beyond gravity RAYSJETS.HTM - laser rays, pole jets, and sawed off chunks in galaxies - red colored laser rays in two different galaxies in collision GALAXIES.HTM - spherical galaxies with arms - how arm lengths are created by small orbiters - missing mass has answers in gravitational relativity's space contraction - comparing slant angle stereo views with stereo in two side by side identical photos SYMMETRY.HTM - bilateral symmetry rules the shapes and outlines of all galaxies - one arm or device arcs up, on the opposite side the arc is down - includes also cotter rings, leaf interleaving, and other bilatera symmetry profiles IN-CHAOS.HTM - theme is engineering principles in galaxies - space needle rattle in M101 - multi motions described in colliding galaxies Ngc 3314 - some Centaurus A mysteries solved by sleuthing - gravitational pinch in M51 galaxy arms (important) - space collapse and time dilation in galaxy centers confuse amount of central mass and velocity vrs outer galaxy rim rotation speeds ACCUSTIC DIVISION topics include visible doppler gravity waves sonics (cosmic) ================= accustic sonic snowflake matrix resonances (local) NEWSONIC.HTM - index - complete click list of all accustic sonic topics including researched accustic room sonics NEWPHOTO.HTM - index - for newsonic photo story - photo gallery of new sonic experiments [5 years of photos] NEWSONIC PHOTO STORY gallery of photos of key experiments and ==================== tests that determined how sound from mono sources only, propigates in stereo with front to back and side to side live room presence SOUND.HTM - index - sonic accustic experiments - text descriptions [5 years] SONICS.HTM - index - a master index includes cosmic - recurrent visible doppler sonic gravity wave principles in the reality of the undercurrent - includes select newsonic principles for 3D stereo from only mono sound sources including mono recordings SONIC.HTM - support remarks about sound and accustic resonance principles NEWSOUND.HTM - text and photos making and testing flowtubes - and snowflake matrix 6-leaf interleaves as sonic disrupters IMPACT.HTM - impact vibrations in creation of mono 3D sound SNOWFLAK.HTM - geometry 6-sided nested and rotated matrixes of snowflakes TYMPANIS.HTM - photos and text - testing accustic tympani resonators FLOWTUBE.HTM - flowtubes 'box' images between energy mirrors NOTES.HTM - accustic mini short story with sonic themes photos MASTER.HTM - full sized snowflake geometry templates images MASTER1.HTM - template used to lay out stretched slinkies to anchor mono 3D stereo CREDIBLE.HTM - credible witness - a particular moment in time TEMPLATE.HTM - cubes and sphere template matrixes - for comparison with sonic resonances geometry templates HISTORY.HTM - some accustic project history in photos CLOCK.HTM - pendulum clock with snowflakes dangling FULL1.HTM - photos set full 1 FULL2.HTM - photos set full 2 FULL3.HTM - photos set full 3 FULL4.HTM - photos set full 4 FULL5.HTM - photos set full 5 ALLSONIC.TXT - fantasy demo of stereo in mono at a conference DYNAMICS.TXT - another look at impact vibrations HOME.TXT - ralph's home demo IMPACT.TXT - impact vibrations - final sound JAWDROP.TXT - the jaw dropping demo - expert is astounded - it really happened RUSHES.TXT - rushes on the cutting room floor - text outtakes TOPPLE.TXT - excerpt [text] from sound experiments archives SOUND1.TXT five years of sonic experiments determine 6 SOUND2.TXT and 12-sided hexagram matrix are the under SOUND3.TXT lying principles in propigation of sound, SOUND4.TXT hundreds of experiments and tests, each SOUND5.TXT documented in sound 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SOUND6.TXT text files PHYSICS PAPERS calculating many particle masses by polynomial algebra - ============== earth and moon orbits locked in the undercurrent by ratio of 3 times the fine structure constant - solar and moon plus these orbitals (waves) locked in the undercurrent to compton below linked wavelengths by universal ratio (10 to power 27) - much topics more - scroll down for 'Physics Division' math physics FRAMES.HTM - frames for infinities FRAMES.TXT - the existence of 'frames' INFINITY.TXT - framing of infinities RELATIVE.HTM - interface relativity - math software version by Meta - special and gravity relativities handshake, similar to electricity and magnetism - special relativity effects equate with gravitation relativity effects and visa versa - analogy, electricity generates magnetism, magnetism generates electricity, one generates the other. in similar, special relativity beta effects and gravitational relativity beta effects equate in interface equations. Math software by Meta Andrews of Uganda. RELATIVE.HTM is an extra long graphic text file (621K) and may take time to load. ALSO IN RELATIVE.HTM two planets appear in relativistic tensions which blueprint the creation of mars and Venus - (formal equations needed for planets created in mass projection transfer externalizated from a sun, and re-manifesting in local hot spot point source centers in the orbiting materials of an accretion disk) the interface between special and gravitation relativity is absolute. because of this, the sun's mass determines to 8 significant digits, and Mars and Venus masses sum in a total tied to the sun's weight mass increase due to the sun's own steady state gravitational relativity. Venus mass minus Mars mass equals the sun's weight gain mass expunged from the sun by void repulsion caused by space contraction in the sun's steady state relativity, which has zero existence in 3D space at the center of the sun. extra mass in non existence space, results in the homeless mass being expunged to an orbit formula - the mass transfers from a dimensionless void collapsed in the center of the sun, to orbit, angular momentum gained after the fact by kenetic transfer in the accretion disk - read the document. this above paragraph is an interpretion not stated per se in relative.htm. interface relativity - description continues: absolute interface between special and gravitation relativity. The sun's mass is determined to several more significant digits, and Mars and Venus masses are absolute datas in the undercurrent. RELATIVE.TXT - text version of relative.htm (1989) Text includes typed ascii characters, requiring ansii interpreter to be readable. APPENDIX.TXT - speculations re: gravitation and electromagnetic fields SPECTRUM.HTM - photon spectra wavelengths by euclidian geometry, [in - spectras] HARMONIC.HTM - harmonic relativity principles - a set 12 unique trigonometry proportions contain the fundemental sources of special relativity, in geometry [in - harmonics] GOLDEN.TXT - the golden ratio integrates in a special dynamic way, multiple powers of the golden ratio, add and subtract in predictable patterns by sum, and golden ratio by doing so calculate other multiple powers of the power dynamics golden harmonic ratio, all by polynomial algebra - this golden ratio power dynamics document contains ascii - needs an ansi interpreter to read PERFECT.TXT - phantom and echo (massless) eclipse states - quantum grouping a major principle for planets acting as moons in 18 eclipse states in the wave space stand at the center of distribution of the inner four terran planets. Earth and look past a phantom planet Venus, the four terran planets are each the view, and the same this Venus will be four planets are also the eclipsers, in a set of 18 eclipsing a phantom interplanetary perfect eclipse states in 6 planet full sized sun in locations (Earth is view for 3 eclipsers, venus the orbit of Venus. eclipser, the Earth itself eclipsing a phantom this is true. full sized Sun at Venus, and Moon (the physical earth-moon-sun total eclipse). phantom echo (massless) eclipse states involving Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, are so precise oblative equatorial and polar radii are seen in detail in steady state lineal sums and proportionate ratios, between different planets lined up in cross sectional diameters (not parallax) superimposured [1989]. Table of solar orbits and radii datas used in Perfect.txt Earth's orbital ellipse is so slight, there is only a 1.15% variance between farthest in, farthest out from the Sun. Earth mean orbit contracts at once by a pure ratio of (3 times the fine structure constant) to exactly equal the moon's periheleon in orbit. The Moon shifts in orbit just a tick, between Earth perihelion and aphelion views, the moon shifts by exactly 1 Venus diameter. Earth's eclipse pundits and media continue to create images of the moon wanging in and out in orbit accomodating total eclipses, wrong, the wang totals exactly 1 diameter of Venus. do the astronomy physics yourself, for shift span for eclipses at Earth perihelion, and aphelion location. TRAIN 8 WORKING THE WORK YARD when the surveyor pointed the platform in the wrong direction SURVEYOR.HTM three sci fi short AMAZING.TXT stories with perfect SYMPOSIA.TXT eclipses themes [1989] HOLES.TXT - perfect eclipses continue at Jupiter and Saturn, the eclipser expanded in size to equal the orbit of the Earth's moon ATOM.TXT - steady state hydrogen atom is self sustained by special relativity mass and space transformations, that lock certain fundamental physical constants into self systaining generators which cannot be changed without dissolving the hydrogen atom. masses and wavelengths of three high energy subatomic particle's (Electron, Pion, and Upsilon) are also contained in special relativity's atomic locks generated by the rest state velocity of the electron in a hydrogen atom [1989] COUPLING.TXT - rules and principles describing the solar system as a single dynamo - coupled by undercurrents, the orbit and period of any planet appears in laws for orbit/period of any other planet. The orbit/period of any planet is calculated directly via the orbit and period of any other planet, no exceptions. Mass has no appearance in the dynamo [1994] FLOWTUBE.HTM - flowtubes which box (contain) images between energy mirrors, pertaining to creation of rebounding echos. Also, more understanding of positive and negative particle principle properties between normal particles and their antiparticles HOTBOX.HTM - How to construct reciprocals by geometry META'S PAGES Meta's snowflake templates and snowflakes ============ analysis, and analysis of atomic physics hexagram principles in official images - flowtube physics in 6 sided imaging - by Nathan Ddumba in Uganda. META.HTM - six and twelve sided hexagram geometry of a specific kind blueprints visible behaviors in atoms and is seen the same in photographed snowflakes - hexagram undercurrents in snowflakes and atom's details, supplied to Meta META-1.HTM - atomic lattices and snowflakes have the same master geometry template META-2.HTM - meta's colored equations for digit motilities in numbers 7 9 11 13 META-3.HTM - impact vibrations reflections create accustic snowflakes META-4.HTM - starflake images - and small snowflakes gallery PHYSICS DIVISION calculating many particle masses by polynomial algebra - ================ earth and moon orbits locked in the undercurrent by ratio of 3 times the fine structure constant - solar and moon particle orbitals (waves) locked in the indercurrent by universal math physics ratio (10 to power 27) - much more topics Physics Division' includes papers on easy to do hydrogen atoms photon equations, which can be linked in contiguous strings to boson masses - other papers immediately below INDEX.HTML - master index list - planetparticles home page INTRODUC.HTM - quiver strings with particle mass calculations having inflations, deflations, expansions, contractions in masses and energies DISCUSS.HTM - discuss page - recent insights - criterias and conventions MATHPHYS.HTM - assists in accelarating the learning curves ROOT2.HTM - root 2 and root of root2 derivatives for particle masses PARTICLE.HTM - links to (early) particle mass physics pages SAMPLES1.HTM - selected sample math phys pages 1 SAMPLES2.HTM - selected sample math phys pages 2 TOPICS1.HTM - selected math phys pages topics 1 TOPICS2.HTM - selected math phys pages topics 2 TOPICS3.HTM - selected math phys pages topics 3 OPEN.HTM - index - huge uniscale production - master list of links [pages 1 to 189] OPEN1.HTM - muon foundation - in search of zooball mass - mixed root 2 and root 3 zooball explorations OPEN11.HTM - alternative zooball mev energy searches - including root 3 derivatives OPEN14.HTM - elasticity scores - elastic assembly modes OPEN22.HTM - quantum physics in gravity OPEN81.HTM - vibrating oscillations with resonance patterns OPEN85.HTM - alert xions OPEN90.HTM - boson brackets OPEN96.HTM - a lesson from the gods OPEN100.HTM - second city alert xions - in the ion tower OPEN106.HTM - the spine - jupiter - motor relativity OPEN110.HTM - solar system wavelengths between venus and mars - earth solar orbitals - moon orbitals - alert xions - zooballs and the ion tower - mars orbitals OPEN118.HTM - unisys - string 1 OPEN121.HTM - solar orbits - jupiter orbit - string 2 OPEN125.HTM - pattern 26, a continuum OPEN131.HTM - intercession between solar and particle wavelengths OPEN133.HTM - exploring exclusion principles in reciprocal lineal sums, which become multiples - lineal sum wavelength fill patterns OPEN136.HTM - easily seen intersecting vectors patterns featuring lineal sum bracketing patterns and fill patterns OPEN137B.HTM - real orbitals in the solar system (tables) for earth and moon OPEN137C.HTM - shift uniformly adjusting moon's real orbitals to universal moonglow orbitals - intersecting vectors OPEN142.HTM - integrated vectors OPEN144.HTM - reciprocates 1 - reciprocates 2 OPEN145.HTM - moonglow significant wavelengths OPEN147.HTM - report, 3 firm resonances for xion families whole integer multiple zooballs (sums) split stream resonances OPEN152.HTM - top quark mass via j/psi OPEN154.HTM - ion tower, chart 4, the kaons and bosons OPEN158.HTM - particle/wave continuum in the undercurrent OPEN160.HTM - saturn's positions in the wave/energy continuum OPEN165.HTM - the spine in table format OPEN168.HTM - bridge couplers g1 and g2 for the ion tower, psi mesons, and bosons OPEN170C.HTM - pages 170 to 170e - recent - created June 27/2010 - photons to boson moonglows in one string - kaons and bosons math locked together [bestl disclosure version] - root 2 derivatives channelling boson, kaons, psi(s) - recombant mass and wavelength sums [preliminary summary] - page 170c is current best page OPEN172.HTM - the undercurrent continuum AUGUST 2010 =========== OPEN190.HTM - inflation - saturn orbit and eccentricity is an inflation by (10 to power 27) - from Pion particles, to Upsilon (1s) mev - recurrent inflation plateaus - compton wavelengths (Z Y Z axis spheres in 3 dimensions), to solar circle orbits (X Y axis disks in 2 dimensions - flat) OPEN196.HTM - octuplet and decuplet (su3) by one controller constant, and root derivatives channelling the routes OPEN199.HTM - vector biased propellors - which contain the fluid of 1 unit of particle charge - compton wavelengths - compton cross sections - boson cross sections - QUARKS OPEN209.HTM - model for gravity - a result, not a cause - masses - space accelaration - properties - distance - entanglement OPEN219A.HTM - model for electron - twisting - sound and charge - appearance - bohr model (atomic vrs solar) OPEN222.HTM - three-body propellors- eclipses in compton sphere pinches, solar version OPEN224.HTM - model for neutron - INERTIA

FORENSIC LOGIC ============== SET3.HTM - Forensic logic - atom photon spectrum wavelengths [174 - 179] SET4.HTM - Forensic logic - atom photon energy frequencies [180 - 183] SET5.HTM - Ideal vrs real atom spectra wavelengths - [184 - 187] - two reference pages [188 - 189] You know that for years, clerks in TV stores when traffic is quiet stand back looking at a wall of live TV's on display, at any two same models showing the same picture. The clerks go crosseyed and watch the action in authentic 3D, by merging the two side by side TV views together by going cross eyed creating a third 'virtual' non existent image between the two reals. The bonus 3D is not fully evolved, but, nonetheless, authentic, without weird distortions, nor bends, or innie verses outie inversals. Gumgoo and the gum sellers do not have lips chewing on the backs of their heads. Chairs do not disconbobulate into clatter. The clerk's 3D stays intact, because of virtual stereo principles in atomic and subatomic hologramic matrixes inherent in every mono image. Rays from the four corners criss cross to the other corners of a frame then departing toward the camera as do rays hit the camera straight out from the frame. The whole mono image, in its fundamentals, is a sea of moire harmonic re-enforements and cancellations containing the atomic blueprints comprising all of the sonic doppler (non relativistic) wave patterns in the substances in the photo. Which is why optical illusions exist, for instance an innie crator on the Moon, in a photo, becomes a dome outie when the picture is turned upsidedown. Incident light from a light source, for instance the Sun, striking the Moon and reflecting, is captured forever locked in a pattern the instant the photo is taken. Incident lights striking the photo after the fact, not at the Moon but in your living room, respond correctly when the living room incident rays reasonably resemble the incident slant angles frozen in the photo, and inverse formation (the optical illusion) when the slant angles in the room are at contrary to those that entered the camera. Reflected incident rays make the Moon picture illuminate. The rays have to be in similar phasings for the Moon picture to illuminate correctly. Away goes the Moon with its dome crators, taken for granted by lazy editors, as the discovery program pauses for the important stuff. Gumgoo is back advertising. Chew chew chew. In 3D. The free stereo is not a free ride. Fast action in TV movies and ads is extremely difficult to keep in 3D TV focus expecially in abrupt switches from extreme closeup to extreme distance. Your eyes can sting after only a moment of this flash out, flash in, another, for instance in a sci fi action movie. The fact is, stereo in mono media is proven worldwide by bored clerks selling TVs. Which brings to mind visible cosmic gravity waves, which when velocity compressions and expansions are involved, picture in deep space similar atomic hologram properties. EARLIER PARTICLE MATH PHYSICS [2009] ============================= BULLETIN BOARDS (early) Particle 7 [ bulletin boards - high mass exotics set13 sset1.htm S-1 to S-15 [ - split frequency resonance pairs set14 sset2.htm S-16 to S-29 [ - bulletin boards continued

MOONGLOW ORBITALS (early) Particle 4 [ moonglows - planet particles - codex set9 rset1.htm R-1 to R-11 [ - overview - intro moonglow wavestates set10 rset2.htm R-12 to R-22 [ - interphasing wave harmonic Particle 5 [ genesis - straight up the middle set11 uset1.htm U-1 to U-13 [ - moonwaves - stable kaons Particle 6 [ arrogant space balls set12 tset1.htm T-1 to T-15 [ - connect venus mercury mars jupiter [ solar data summarized from wikipedia Link to page 145 - Moonglow significant wavelengths ION TOWER (early) Particle 9 [ the ion tower from planet orbits and zooballs set16 dset1.htm D-1 to D-24 [ - introducing the ion tower Particle 10 [ possible resonance transfers up and down the ion tower set17 eset1.htm E-1 to E-19 [ - the ion tower - silent sound analogy tower Particle 3 [ ion tower - formal version set6 hset1.htm H-1 to H-21 [ to chart 4 - sequences toward exact set7 hset2.htm H-22 to H-39 [ to chart 8 - derivation of certain key set8 jset1.htm J-1 to J-19 [ to chart 9 - particle masses concluding THE SPINE IN TABLE FORMAT Link to page 165

RELATIVISITIC ROTATIONS (early) Particle 14 [ relativistic rotations - beams - in the spine set22 lset1.htm L-1 to L-9 [ - relativistic rotations - rest state - transformations - how beams originate set23 mset1.htm M-1 to M-20 [ - transformations - details set24 nset1.htm N-1 to N-4 [ - spine - fsc power ratio schematic set25 oset1.htm O-1 to O-14 [ - spine - beams detailed

ALERT XIONS (early) Particle 11 [ three xion particles in a coherent pattern set18 bset1.htm B-1 to B-7 [ - alert xions - planet energy particles

ALERT XIONS (recent) Link to page 100 - Second city alert xions in the ion tower Link to page 106 - The Spine - jupiter - motor relativity Link to page 147 - Report, 3 firm resonances for xion families whole integer multiple zooballs (sums) split stream resonances

GRAVITATIONAL RELATIVITY (early) Particle 15 [ gravitational relativity - creation of certain planet masses set26 aset1.htm A-1 to A-16 [ - mass weight expansion - conjugated masses of planets set26 fset1.htm F-1 to F-27 [ - space contraction - model shows how



Required reading - difficult subject - many important details.

Two interfacing sets of electron discrete mev mass energy shifts
from two independent sources. Two (1S) Upsilon masses are coherently contained with two neutral stable Pion masses and the masses of two electrons. The containment is from two independent sources.


1: electron's relativisitic velocity in an atom (motor rotation).
2: electron's mass energy inflation by multiple ratios of the fine structure constant (the spine).

TWIN Z RAYS   - mathematical details

set3 pset1.htm   pages P-1 to P-17   [ Z rays - beginner's details
set4 pset2.htm   pages P-18 to P-34   [ twin Z rays - introduction for
motor rotation in the spine and ion tower - cross coupling rules
set5 qset1.htm   pages Q-1 to Q-19   [ the spine

Z RAYS - two lineal sum progressions detail tiny frequency spectrums in high energy mass circumstances, which dovetail precisely with each other. Both sequences initiate at the mass of the electron (.510998918 mev) and expand to just above high energy mass of two Upsilon mesons. There, both progressions diminish incrementally by energy bits known otherwise as the electron's binding energy (.00001360569631 mev), the results (up to but under the electron mev) are within range of x-ray energies for both Z ray sequences.

One spectrum (Motor Rotations) appears when keeping accute track of relativistic mass weight changes in the Electron by the Electron's own steady state relativistic effects due to the Electron's rest state velocity in a hydrogen atom. Although the relativistic effect is small, (1/137.035999679th of the speed of light), the effect is exactly enough to generate the electron's own ground state binding energy (Eo) in a hydrogen atom, an amount of (mev) work per unit of time, not mass.

The other spectrum (Power rotations) is seen similar, but distinctly different, dovetailing, via (2 x Fsc) expansions of the Electron's mass and contractions of the Electron and Pion's wavelengths (non relativistic).

Signed: greatstarr - july 29 2010.



Read if interested.

"An undercurrent property organizes gravity in the Perseus Galaxy Cluster such that both small and large galaxies lay both along the ridges of the waves, and in the valleys of the waves. The undercurrent property which can do this is not revealed in present day astronomy images (2010)".

"Other interesting artifacts in deep space are included in Index.html".


Wavespace (compton)(photon)(solar) field on an undercurrent which has in it magnetude recurrences of formulas which interlink between states of substance which otherwise seem dissimilar until engineerings in the undercurrent are included in the state's properties.

For instance, a magetude expansion of (10 to the power 27) ties together states which appear subatomically and recur in the scales of the solar system. The moon's orbital eccentricity (coupled by triple the fine structure constant to the orbit of Earth), has a lineal sequence of additive space hits (moonglow wavelengths equalling the radius of Venus), which reveal undercurrent engineering in self evident patterns.

Calculations of critical particle masses using other particle masses, sums and dimensionless ratios are the calculations. Particle compton wavelengths are also factors in certain calculations. Most of these mass calculations are exactitudes, with no margin of error, matching all significant digits of particles appearing in polynomial strings which define them.

A second level, bridges subatomic and solar wavelengths (particle compton, and solar orbit sums and ratios), contained in the ratio between the power of of gravity at plank's length (10 -33 cms) magnitude, and the weak force. The pure ratio is magnetitude (10 to power 27). This same ratio identifies space measures between subatomic comptons and certain solar orbits, that is, (10 to power 27) between (10 to -14 cms) comptons, and (10 to +13 cms) solar orbits.

In this universal continuum scale, the compton wavelength for the charged stable Pion particle marries the orbit of Saturn in detailed WAVESPACE   combinations. Also see SATURN'S ENERGY ENGINE below.

The moon's eccentricity is determined from earth's eccentric orbitals by reduction of planet to moon orbitals by pure ratio of 3 times the fine structure constant (137.05999679). The moon's orbitals are within a lineal sum scale (where each increment equals the radius of planet Venus), which in turn equates to higher energy excitements above the mass of the weak vector (+-) boson, which in turn relate to hot states descending all the way down through critical meson masses, to the mass of the electron, in a regime called 'The Ion Tower' to identify the regime.

All uses of the fine structure constant (fsc) are the reciprocal form, (137.05999679).


A unit of energy, appearing in incremental muliples, with the name Zooball, has two discrete values. An earlier value (to february 2009) is derived from the following sequence: Proton mass (938.272029 mev) divided by the fine structure constant (137.05999679) - divided by 13, divided by 6, equals (.08778079194 mev).

This was later replaced by another value (.0877827314 mev) determined by methods of renormalization homing in on best result value. Due to uncertainties in known masses, no absolute Zooball value is declared. The Zooball mev has an error of (.087781 +- .0000002 mev), which is ignored, and the value (.08778272314 mev) in 'recent' use seems accurate enough for deriving states of masses, energies, and wavelengths.

The Zooball may have fundamental constant value which cannot be determined within these pages due to critical particle masses uncertainties (error fits +-.000 mev) in current (PDG) particle data tables (2008).

The electron rest mass in these pages is (.510998918 mev), from earlier (PDG) tables of physical constants.

A downgraded revised electron mass value (most recent) in (PDG 2008) at (.51099890 +-.000000013 mev) is not used. The extra digits in accuracy in the earlier mass (.510998918 mev), makes a noticable difference in deriving particle mass exactitudes, rather than consistent near misses using the lesser revised electron mass of (.51099890 +-.000000013 mev) posted in (PDG) in 2008.


From plane geometry - the terms root 2, and the root of root 2, (same for root 3), transform energy units from one state to another in agreement with energy states required in creation of particle groups such as the Octuplet of stable 1/2+ baryons and 3\2+ unstable decuplet baryons. The square root ratios tranform certain particle masses bridged by energy states. The transforms have mev's nearly the muon, nearly the Pion, and less than the Kaons.

Root 3 derivations became evident in math-physics explorations in the winter and spring of year 2010.

Plane geometry incorporates cartesian co-ordinates in two axis (X and Y) in two dimensional flat plane engineering. It is suggested that root of square roots are vector rotations in the third dimensional plane along the (Z) axis. Root of root angles are not instantly seen in two dimensional geometries for root 2 hypotenuse of squares with equal sides equalling 2, and neither for root of root 3 in hexagram (six sided) geometries. The roots of root 2 and root 3 may be obscurely hidden in geometry's finer details not instantly seen without accute analysis of root 2 and root 3 geometry constructions.

Year dates are used in these pages to mark when advances in research occured.


Polynomial operators were not known before, where researchers turned to other analytical methods. Researches in the past were beset by lesser known particle masses and values of fundamental constants. Recent advances in physics engineering fields have resolved most of these difficulties.

Polynomial masses were first glimpsed 30 years ago in the early 80's
and resolved in the latter 2000's, by private research.


Planet Saturn's aphelion orbit has two presences in the undercurrent.

The first presence is Saturn's real (Sa = 15.13325783 x 10 to 13 cms) orbit aphelion, fixed in Saturn's eccentricity.

The second is a slightly shifted value of (Sa = 15.1338918959 x 10 to 13 cm), a consequence instated with a high mass value of 2 upsilon (1s) states (9460.049220365 mev) plus 2 neutral pions pi0 134.9766 mev) plus 2 electrons (.510998918 mev),   - a recombinant mass value of (19191.9596051 mev) named the 'Upsilon Pak'   - mass value intrinsic in the 'spine' and 'Z rays' (look for these names in links above).

Terms recur between compton (10 -14 cms) and solar (10 +13 cms) so cleanly they are taken for granted, so that in description both magnetitudes can (shorthand) be written interchangeably without regard to magnetude since both terms achieve balances.

Plank's constant (1973.269631 in units) divided by (19191.9596051 mev) = (.10281751689 x 10 to 13 cms), (a compton wavelength), plus Earth (1.495978875 x 10 t0 13 cms), (a solar orbit) = (15.1338918959 x 10 to 13 cms). Shift from compton to solar wavespace magnetude is taken for granted and not specifically noted.


(15.13325783 x 10 to +13 cm) - Saturn's real aphelion of orbit - Wiki 2010.
(15.1338918959 x 10 to +13 cm) - Derived from Upsilon Pak. These two datas agree to the 6th significant digit, over a paradigm magnetude of (10 to +-27).

Plank's constant (1973.269631 sys of units) divided by (15.1338918959 x 10 to +13 cm) = 130.38745384 mev. Subtract Pion neutral mass (134.9766 mev) = 4.58914616 mev. Add to Pion neutral mass (134.9766 mev) = approximate Pion charge mass (139.56574646 mev).

Subtract from factor (electron mass .510998918 mev, x 2, x (fsc), subtract electron mass, = 139.539496208 mev) yields (.026249952 mev), times 4 = (.10499808 mev), divide by 7 = derived zooball (.087999818 mev).


Derivated zooball energy = (.087999818 mev). Standard zooball energy = (.08778272312 mev). The two zooballs agree to 5 significant digits, in a string originating at the Upsilon Pak mev which includes two Upsilon (1s), two Pion neutral, and two Electrons. The string has within, Earth's Alert Xion 1/2+ mev, and situates in a Saturn aphelion orbital resonance pattern.

The above 'Saturn energy engine' is factorable entirely in compton wavelength (10 to -14 cm) units, and corresponding mevs. The same view in Solar orbital equivalents reveals more engineering states in the undercurrent unifying solar and subatomic transactions.

The universal power ratio (10 to power +-27), a pure recurrence ratio without systems of units, is explained here

Astronomy images in were found on the Internet.
Credit the astronomers who took them, and acknowledgement to those
who posted them. The images were later enhanced by Greatstarr for
unique presentation.


Many of the astronomy images have been enhanced in a graphic editor, beyond any normal expectations. This is to bring out details of interest which cannot be seen without the enhancements. No attempt has been made in any image to duplicate or further orthodox interpretations regards elements contents, or to distinguish dust lanes from star lanes in galaxies and their arms, many of the dust lanes are regarded as direct consequences of collisions, which can be interpreted regards motions and impacts, interpretations which are not at hand if dark bands and strands are regarded as merely dust lanes.

The dust in fact has a different interpretation as discussed by different presenters in the Astronomy Division. Dust discussed is both in lanes, and in diffuse dim areas in and around certain galaxies, there as results of collisions, including sideswipe collisions, and mergers.


Since fictional characters make different presentations, these astronomy pages are advertised as 'astronomy short photo novels'. Most content is designed as teaching, where elements learned in one galaxy have wider applications amongst others similar. Most of the teaching in outside of academic/professional points of view as of year 2010. ACKNOWLEDGE

Giving picture credit and astronomer acknowledgement for each and every image has proven to be awkward, cluttering up a simple caption with datas that anyone can find in moments when interested. With the exception that a number of the images were found on the internet in back room and obscure alley sites where no galaxy name or source was given, usually in an online collection of someone's favorite pictures.

None of the pictures are from online astronomy teaching sites. Chandra (ultra violet), Galex(ultra violet), Spitzer (infra red), and visible, (Hubble, and Eso sites, also Hawaii), have offered up many good pictures.

Gendler images are vital in the photo novel for Andromeda.


Link  VISITASTRONOMY.COM  (supporting sci fi photo novel
Link  REVELATORIUM.COM  (reality from the top down)
Link  GREYDIE.COM  (original keyboard music)
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